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State Unitary Enterprise

Study Courses

The young professionals, who have graduated from higher and secondary special educational institutions, are sent to the company in accordance with the uniform wage-rate schedule (UWRS). Upon arrival at the company, the young professionals are evaluated for 1 - 2 years. During the probationary period they have to study the production activity of the company in detail and go through a study course in structural units of the company in accordance with recommendations made by «Integrated Resource Management System», «Staff Selection and Placement System» and «Young Professionals Training System». The leadership of the company considers that the industrial practice is an integral part of academic process and a required addition to theoretical knowledge.

Under orders of the company, the orientation, technological and pregraduation practical training is constantly undergone by students of Tajik Universities, Tursunzoda Metallurgical College (TMC) and Professional Metallurgy Lyceum (PML).

All interns are assigned to experienced specialists of departments and divisions of the company.

The field experience is controlled both by the leadership of educational institution and management of personnel training department and concluded with a round table with participation of both sides.