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State Unitary Enterprise

Corрoratve governance and structure


After establishing the State Unitary Enterprise «Tajik Aluminum Company» (TALCO) in April 2007, the governance structure of the Tajik aluminum plant was reformed. Under new Charter the plant is run by the Board of Directors.

9 directorates and a subsidiary vested certain powers have been established there.

Major contracts are signed with partners exclusively after the decision of the Board.

The company has created a Supervisory Board composed of representatives of public organizations, government, parliament, the directorate of the company and others. Powers and responsibilities of the members of the Supervisory Board stipulate the development of TALCO strategic plan, strengthening the corporate governance and ensuring its transparent activity.


TALCO is the leading industrial company of the country, where every employee is confident that he does the thing important and essential for the national economy. This is the company where everything is based on team interaction, grand experience, professional management, a unique system of personnel development, and high corporate culture. The company has a significant leadership potential, focused on good result, and has all possibilities to achieve it.