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State Unitary Enterprise


TALCO is the first company in Central Asia, which has implemented a quality management system ISO-9001: 2008 (QMS), and the only one in the country that received the quality certificate and running on the system. The decision to grant TALCO the certificate was made ​​after the audit conducted by International Audit Company «SGS», which has more than thousands of clients around the world and is considered one of the most competent. In March 2010 and July 2013 after going through supervisory audit for compliance with ISO-9001: 2008 (QMS), TALCO received the confirmation of the quality certificate.

This certification is one of the World Trade Organization requirements indicative of entering the Tajik aluminum giant into a list of world successful companies that makes TALCO product competitive in the global market.

In confirmation that TALCO products meet international standards are high international awards received by the company in 2008. including: «Best Enterprises of Europe» presented by the European Committee of Business Assembly (EBA, Oxford, UK) and «European Quality». These prestigious awards give the company right of law placing appropriate symbols on its business documents and label products.

In July 2013 was completed the certification of Tajik Aluminum Company for an integrated management system that was launched in August 2010. It includes international standards ISO 14000 and OHSAS 18000. Thus, TALCO has become the first Central Asian producer of primary aluminum and the first industrial enterprise in Tajikistan that received the certificate confirming the conformity of environmental management system of the company to the international standard ISO 14000.

TALCO successfully cooperates with world-renowned companies, such as the Norwegian Hydro Aluminum (a subsidiary corporation of Norsk Hydro), Talco Management Limited (British Virgin Islands), Noble Resources Limited (Hong Kong), Glencore International AG (Switzerland), Alaska Metals AG (Switzerland) and others.

Despite the fact that the partner company Talco Management Limited operates outside the country, its assets are directed to the banks of Tajikistan. It is an important factor of financial wellbeing of the country.

Results of the financial audit, conducted by auditing company «MooreStephens» every year since 2010, showed that there were no serious shortcomings in TALCO financial activity for 2006 – 2010, the operating mode of the company was recognized competitive, and its future production activity - trouble-free that correspond to the international requirements of management and trade.

The auditors noted that the aluminum company meets its obligations to the budget of the country regularly and fully. According to international standards for the years the company gained a net profit for operations.

An important conclusion made in the audit report regarding TALCO is the proof of its transparency, the competitiveness of its purchase and sale structure and the compliance of its product with international standards.

In 2009, Tajik Aluminum Company on its basis established a Research Institute of Metallurgy to do technological researches and control industrial emissions.

After energy audit conducted by the World Bank in 2012, the company's management elaborated an Action Plan to improve energy efficiency of TALCO major equipment and production lines.

Taking into account the necessity of technological upgrading of the aluminum plant to ensure its production safety, energy efficiency, ecological compatibility and product competitiveness in the global aluminum market, for the past 5 years TALCO has directed more than TJS 464.1 million for the purposes.

Moreover, experts of the company on initiative of their leadership carried out an independent assessment of plant equipment and then got involved in the audit conducted by the World Bank headed by the Norwegian company Norsk Energi. Specialists of SINTEF Materials and Chemistry, ESCO Energoengineering and Tadjhydro also provided the international auditors with proposals accumulated for the time that allowed them to identify priority actions for energy efficiency of aluminum production and prepare an Action Plan including recommendations of TALCO experts in it.

In 2012 the company began to use the synthesized gas extracted from domestic coal in production of baked anodes. For these purposes, high-tech gas-producing plants meeting international environmental standards were installed at the enterprise's territory. Now the synthesized gas fully provides the aluminum production with «blue fuel».

In 2013 as a part of TALCO strategy on self-ensuring the aluminum production with major and minor components, the company acquired 33 new leasing trucks with carrying capacity of 25 tons and 2 wheel loaders with bucket capacity 3m3. The machinery is intended to supply the Tajik aluminum plant with coal from Fon Yagnob deposit placed at Aini district of Sughd province of Tajikistan.

According to the governmental decision adopted in March 2013, two sectors of the deposit - Dzhidzhikrut and Konte - were allocated for the Tajik Aluminum Company to develop the coal.

So far as 95% of the coal of the deposit is coking, in prospect TALCO through its program of transition to local raw materials is going to produce coal pitch and metallurgical foundry coke for its baked anodes production.