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State Unitary Enterprise


Realizing the importance of adaptation of the national aluminum plant to competitive business conditions, adoption of new technology and expansion of production activities, TALCO management has determined near-term and long-term strategic goals and developed plans to solve them.

Currently TALCO is accomplishing two big projects.

The first almost completed project includes a program on utilization of production capacities of the Republic of Tajikistan. Its main aim is to involve domestic industrial potential into the aluminum production. Today, more than 60% of all equipment and spare parts necessary for the aluminum production are manufactured by domestic enterprises. Already at this stage of the program TALCO significantly cut down its expenses, increased the productivity and profitability and created more than 4 thousands of new jobs. In its turn, the financial support rendering by TALCO to the Tajik enterprises have a positive influence on the development of the whole national industry.

At the time the Tajik Aluminum Company increases the production of aluminum goods that also broadens its mutually beneficial cooperation with domestic enterprises. Currently more than 30 home enterprises are partners of the company in particular, such as JSC «Regarkabel», JSC «Doro ohangar», «Tajikenergosnab», «Shohon» Ltd and others.

The second project involves the program of TALCO transition on local raw materials. According to the project, in 5 years about 60% of production requirements of the company will be met by local alumina, aluminum fluoride, cryolite, graphite products, equipment and parts. The company's interest in the project is obvious, now about 90% of the required raw materials and equipment are imported into Tajikistan from abroad. While carrying alumina by sea and train, the company loses over $ 250 million a year.

The program implemented by local specialists and experts of Canadian engineering and construction company «Hetch» stipulates the creation of the Tajik Chemical and Metallurgical Corporation (TCMC) including caustic soda, cryolite, alumina, aluminum fluoride, processing anthracite and cement productions.

The factories for the production of aluminum fluoride and cryolite in Yavan constructed by the China National Heavy Machinery Corporation in the framework of the project are now preparing to be brought into operation.

The core idea of the Tajik Chemical and Metallurgical Corporation is to complete the processing operation of local raw materials for the aluminum industry and download Yavan power plant at full capacity. Compact arrangement of productions and own energy source give every reasons for TALCO and other participants of the project to expect a high return.

Implementation of the program of transition to local raw materials will allow the republic to establish more than 15 thousands of jobs.

According to preliminary estimates the total project cost is $ 2.2 billion. Several foreign banks have already expressed their intention to participate in its funding. It is supposed that the costs associated with the implementation of this project will be repaid within three years.