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Joint Stock Company

Basic trends development

Talco is one of the largest aluminum producers in the CIS space and the only aluminum producer in Central Asia.

Design capacity - 517 thousand tons of aluminum per year

Production of baked anodes - 360 thousand tons per year

The company has 12 buildings with electrolysis production shops, 2 casting departments, 3 production departments of baked anodes, auxiliary shops and specialized units of the plant.

The plant covers an area of 340 hectares.


Essential facts from the history of the company:

v  October 1964. At the extended meeting of the Council of Ministers of the Tajik SSR, the construction project of the Tajik Aluminum Plant (TadAZ) was adopted and recommended for approval by the Sredazsovarhoz.

v  March 31, 1965. The start of the construction of TadAZ was launched - the first act of completed construction and installation works was adopted.

v  March 31, 1975. The first aluminum ingot was poured, which marked the beginning of the work history of the industrial giant of Tajikistan.

v  January 20, 1978. The first burned anode was made, and in September of that year an act on the creation of the first production line of the burned anode was signed.

v  April 3, 2007. In order to strengthen and enhance the image of the aluminum industry of Tajikistan in the international arena, the President of the Republic of Tajikistan signed a Government Decree on renaming the Tajik Aluminum Plant (TadAZ) into the State Unitary Enterprise Tajik Aluminum Company (TALCO).



In October 2000, the XXV International Congress “Star of Quality” awarded TadAZ by the “International Platinum Star”.

In 2008, TALCO received high international awards: “Best Enterprises of Europe” (“Best Enterprises of Europe”) from the Committee of the European Business Assembly (ЕВА, Oxford, United Kingdom) and “European Quality” (“European Quality”), which became a confirmation of high quality of the products manufactured by the Tajik Aluminum Company and its compliance with international standards.



In 2008, TALCO was the first in Tajikistan and Central Asia to introduce an integrated quality management system and received the ISO 9001: 2008 certificate.

In 2013, TALKO became the first industrial enterprise in Tajikistan and the first primary aluminum producer in Central Asia to receive a certificate of compliance with the international integrated environmental management system ISO-14001: 2004, protecting the environment from the consequences of environmentally harmful technologies and operation processes, consumption and / or recycling certain types of products.

In 2013, for complex diagnostics of the occupational health and safety management system, for determining its current state, TALCO implemented a professional safety and health management system at the enterprise and received a certificate of compliance with the international standard OHSAS 18001.

In 2018 - 2019 The Tajik Aluminum Company intends to complete the process of transferring existing international integrated management systems to new versions of international standards: ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2015 and OHSAS 45001, which provide for new opportunities and additional risks in the manufacture of products.


Ecology of production:

The ecological policy of TALCO, aimed at environmental protection, rational use of resources, safety and health of its employees, the population of the company’s regions and territories bordering them, includes obligations to improve the quality of the environment, prevent its pollution and comply with environmental legislation.

The company views environmental protection activities as an integral part of business and as its contribution to the implementation of the State Environmental Program of the Republic of Tajikistan for 2009–2019, other national and international laws and regulations.


«Green production» is a guideline for the future development of TALCO

The TALCO goal is to create a model of «green production» to save resources and protect the environment. In this regard the strategic objectives of the company are:

vto carry out a complete modernization of aluminum production and introduce new modern technologies, which will allow upgrading fixed assets in the near future, replacing outdated equipment with modern, advanced energy-saving technology that meets high environmental safety standards for both the production and the environment;

vto introduce new production facilities on the basis of modern processes and technological innovations in order to increase the quality and efficiency of production and reduce the load on the environment.


TALKO is a group of companies:

The Tajik Aluminum Company, being the flagship of the Tajik industry, personifies the economic reforms and achievements of the republic in recent years. Talco is the first Tajik brand of the world standard.

In accordance with the state economic strategy and industrial policy of the Republic of Tajikistan, aimed at replacing imports of manufactured goods that are in demand in the domestic market with goods of national production (import substitution), TALCO has developed a strategy for the development of the domestic aluminum industry (Targeted investment projects) by transferring the company to local raw materials and has already begun a concrete implementation of their innovative solutions.

In recent years, the Tajik Aluminum Company has built and put into operation new production facilities both as part of the implementation of programs for the creation of enterprises operating on domestic raw materials, and for import substitution. TALCO today is widely represented in the mining and chemical sectors of the economy of Tajikistan. The company has a new goal – to develop an energy and metallurgical sector in the economy of Tajikistan.

In September 2011, in accordance with the TALCO development program on setting up enterprises for the processing of domestic aluminum in Tajikistan, TALCO Cable - one of the largest factories for cable and wire production was built and commissioned in Dushanbe. Product assortment of the enterprise is about 420 items. The company is equipped with modern gears from the world's leading manufacturers SICTRA (Italy) and MAILLIFER (Finland). These are technological lines for drawing, making conductive uninsulated conductors, applying PVC and polyethylene insulation, twisting of insulated conductors, applying a sheath, producing power cables up to 10 kW and shielding.

In 2013, TALCO Resource started an industrial development of coal from the Fon Yagnob deposit (Ayni district) at the Conte and Dzhidzhikrud sites allocated by the Government of Tajikistan (productivity - 400 thousand tons per year).

By the beginning of 2018, Talco Resource has produced more than 1 million tons of coal. Today, it provides coal to the State Unitary Enterprise TALKO, the company TALKO Chemical, CHPP-2 in Dushanbe, the Yavan Cement Plant, the Dushanbe Cement Plant and other enterprises of the republic.

In September 2016, at the framework of the project on construction of the Tajik Chemical Metallurgical Corporation «TALCO Chemical» the company built three large industrial facilities in Yavan district: cryolite production (capacity - 12.0 thousand tons / year), aluminum fluoride production (18.0 thousand tons / year) and sulfuric acid production (130.0 thousand tons / year). Two high-tech gas generators with an annual need for coal of 30 thousand tons were installed at these chemical plants. Coal is supplied by Talco Resource.

In 2017, Talco Chemical began to supply its products to the Tajik aluminum plant and export them to Russia, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan. It also intends to establish commercial sales of gypsum - by-product of the cryolite plant (volume - 75 thousand tons / year). Gypsum is planned to be sold on the domestic market.

As part of ensuring the cryolite and aluminum fluoride productions by raw materials, the company Talco Fluorite on the basis of Takob GOK mines ore and produces flotation fluorite (97-98%). If in Soviet times, this mining and processing plant produced less than 3.2 thousand tons of ore per year, now it makes more than 30 thousand tons.

In the near future, TALCO Fluorit will build another enrichment plant with a capacity of 40 thousand tons / year at the Kaznok field in the Aini district, for which in 2017 the company purchased and has already supplied Tajikistan with new equipment.

In April 2017 for the implementation of the investment project on the development of Konchoch fields, the company Talco Gold was established. The goal of the project is to create industrial capacities in Central Tajikistan and combine them into a single production complex on the basis of proven ore reserves: five mines with underground method of mining; a factory with separate production lines to enrich gold, antimony, rare earth and other metals; a metallurgical plant to refine gold, silver, antimony, mercury, etc. According to preliminary estimates, the total reserves of the Konchoch deposits are: fluorite - 205 thousand tons, silver - 44 tons, gold - 55 tons, mercury - 184 tons, antimony - 268 thousand tons.

On June 24, 2018, officially started the construction of TALKO Gold production complex in the Aini district, where the Founder of Peace and National Unity - the Leader of the Nation, President of the Republic of Tajikistan honored Emomali Rakhmon took part.


Joint Tajik-Uzbek Enterprise LLC «Plant of Special Equipment TALCO-KRANTAS». On July 4, 2018, at the General Meeting of the founders: the subsidiary unitary enterprise «Aluminoskhtmon», the State Unitary Enterprise Tajik Aluminum Company (TALCO) and LLC KRANTAS GROUP (KRANTAS GROUP) created a joint Tajik-Uzbek enterprise LLC «TALCO-KRANTAS Special Equipment Plant»

On July 19, 2018 LLC «TALCO-KRANTAS Special Equipment Plant» is officially registered in the Republic of Tajikistan.

The main activities of TALCO-KRANTAS Special Equipment Plant are:

v production of truck cranes and other types of special equipment;

vproduction of semi-trailers and tractor trailers;

vthe other  activities interrelated with the above activities.



TALCO strategy is based on the use of international best practices for creating industrial clusters in the mining and metallurgical sector of the economy.

Taking into account the company's capabilities and experience in the practical implementation of innovative programs and investment projects with the participation of domestic and foreign partners and with the support of the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan, TALCO can become a pioneer in the formation of an aluminum cluster capable of turning the Tajik aluminum company and its divisions into competitive enterprises with competitive products in the global market.


Project for the establishment of the Tajik Chemical Metallurgical Corporation (TCMC)

As part of the implementation of the TCMC project, the company has developed a concept an Industrial Techno park in Tajikistan, as a complex of interrelated industries focused on the development of industrial sector in Tajikistan.

This project provides for the construction of caustic soda production plant in Yavan district, the raw materials of which are necessary for cryolite, aluminum fluoride and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plants.

Preliminary cost of the project is $ 100 million.

In the future, this company will be a part of the chemical and metallurgical complex, which includes the production of caustic soda (design capacity - 25 thousand tons per year) and polyvinyl chloride (design capacity - 25 thousand tons per year).

Together with the Industrial Techno park, will be gradually implemented the following investment projects: the construction of an alumina complex, plants for the production of building materials and equipment for construction and mining sectors.

A special place in this row is occupied by the construction of an alumina complex of aluminum-containing ores, with a capacity of 1 million tons / year. The complex will include an alumina refinery and an enrichment plant to produce alumina concentrate.

It is planned to produce aluminum-containing ores (staurolite and muscovite) at the Kurgovad deposit ( Darvaz district of Tajikistan) in the amount of 4 million tons per year. Technological tests of ores were carried out by a foreign company, the results of which recognized their readiness. The transportation of aluminum-containing ores is planned to be carried out by a slurry pipeline or motor transport.

The cost of the project is determined now.


TALKO Resource: the transition to the underground method of coal mining

In order to increase coal production and significantly improve product quality, TALCO Resource intends to implement a transition program to the mine (underground) method of developing fields in the Conte and Jidzhikrud areas.

The preparation of a feasibility study and an underground development project for Zapadnaya (the Conte section) and Central (the Jidzhkrud section) of the Von Yagnob deposit area have already been completed.

va mine working with subsurface operational structures is planned for Western square;

vthree operational output with a sublevel structure - for the Central square.

When underground mining, each mines (Western and Central) will give 600 - 900 thousand tons of coal per year.

The cost of the project is US$ 57 million.


Talco Fluorit: construction of a new mining and concentration plant in Aini district to receive flotation fluorite

To ensure the raw material safety for the production of cryolite, aluminum fluoride and sulfuric acid, TALCO Fluorit company now is working at the Red Hills field (Vahdat area) to extract 150 thousand tons of ore per year and commissioned a processing plant in OJSC «Takob GOK» to obtain 30 thousand tons of flotation fluorite (97-98%) per year.

At present, TALCO Fluorit conducts organizational and technical measures to start the construction of a new mining and processing plant at Kaznok field in the Aini district:

vin 2017 new equipment was purchased and shipped to the Republic of Tajikistan;

vore beneficiation - 150,000 tons per year;

vyield of fluorite concentrate (97%) - 40,000 thousand tons per year;

vcreation of new jobs - 280;

vinvestments - more than $ 3 million


Project TALKO Minerals: the creation of a mining and processing complex to produce concentrated tungsten

The company plans to build a mining and processing plant in Varzob district at the Maykhura deposit to produce concentrated tungsten:

vore beneficiation - 200,000 tons per year;

voutput of tungsten concentrate (55%) - 2,000 thousand tons per year;

vcreation of new jobs - 500;

vinvestment - $ 10 million


SUE "TALKO": production of aluminum sheets

The project involves the production of aluminum sheets on the basis of the new equipment of the Italian company FATA Hunter.

vAn expected production volume – about 30 thousand tons per year;

vThe project cost - $ 80 million;

vPotential consumers: Turkey, European countries, South Korea, Japan and the United States;

vScope of application - shipbuilding, automotive, construction, aviation, etc;

vcreation of new jobs - 200.