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Joint Stock Company

For investors

Strategic principles of the company stipulate a sustainable and dynamic production development, adoption of most advanced technologies and professional growth of all personnel of the company that provide the company with a competitive equality on the global aluminum market and leading stand in international business. 

The fundamental item of the strategy of SUE "Tajik Aluminum Company" (TALCO) is its social responsibility, which means: 

  • a successful production activity,
  • social guarantees for the maintenance of enterprise infrastructure and the region of enterprise residence, 
  • environmental safety, 
  • health of employees and their family-members. 

Mission of the company is to promote the economic development, prosperity and social stability of the country, increase the production capacity of the company, develop the aluminum industry in Tajikistan and integrate it into the world economy. 

Principles of partnership: 

The relations of TALCO with its business partners rely on trust, mutual respect, openness and transparency. 

To ensure the close co-operation with investment community TALCO is striving for:

  • giving timely and detailed information about corporative news, financial results and operating activities, as well as plans for further development; 
  • improving the corporate governance system, which is designed to provide a stable and long-term position of the company in the global aluminum market; 
  • making maximum use of existing competitive advantages and for the achievement of all its goals; 
  • the promotion of its scientific and technological potential and the development of advanced technologies for further implementation into production; 
  • putting into operation new industrial facilities and businesses corresponding to high environmental, health and safety standards; 
  • social and economic development of the presence region of the company and the whole country by launching new productions and implementing social investment programs. 

TALCO business strategy: 

As a part of the short-term and medium-term prospects the company is planning to: 

1.achieve the technical and economic indicators scheduled. 

2.focus on internal market and domestic producers. 

3.produce a high-grade aluminum with the view of developing the company and reaching the level of world's leading companies. 

4.increase its production capacity.

In the long term the company intends: 

5.implementing innovative and investment projects in order to develop the nonferrous metallurgy, reduce the dependence on import raw materials and increase the export production capacity. 

Beginning with 2007 - 2008, when the first signs of the global financial crisis emerged and world prices for aluminum sharply declined, TALCO initiated its anti-crisis measures that provided the transition of national aluminum industry to local raw materials, the creation of own raw and energy base including at the expense of energy-saving projects. These measures, according to conviction of the company management, would give the company an opportunity to increase the existing product volumes substantially and create new high-technology industries. 

A successful future of industrial giant TALCO, as the flagship of the national industry in Tajikistan can only be achieved if the company will actually have: 

  1. domestic raw materials; 
  2. own electric power; 
  3. science-based and high-tech industries of aluminum, baked anodes and other finished products. 

TALCO steps to develop and implement innovative solutions: 

The first step – The target investment project «Transition of TALCO to local raw materials» (Talcoresource). 

The second step – The target investment project «The construction of Alumina complex in the Republic of Tajikistan» on the basis of several ore deposits. 

The third step – The pilot project: «The creation of a new energy-metallurgical company» (The development of TALCO). 

The final step – The investment project: «The creation of a Technology Park in the Republic of Tajikistan» 

Presently the company is raising funds in order to implement the investment projects. A fundamental condition of the process is the diversity of the foreign investment into the TALCO programs.