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Joint Stock Company

Investment projects

Specialists and experts of the company, relying on international experience of aluminum industry, studied the current state of TALCO and similar enterprises in other countries for the past few years. The analysis showed that the measures taken by the leadership of company today create the conditions required for the normal functioning of the company, providing the domestic aluminum production by imported raw materials. However, the main problem lies in the fact that while the raw material reaches the consumer - the Tajik aluminum plant - it, figuratively speaking, becomes gold.

In the past few years, specialists of the company, Glavgeology and foreign partners examined aluminous deposits of nepheline syenite ("Turpi" Devonasu "and" Tutek "), muscovite and staurolite ores ("Kurgovadsky array "). The development of these fields will provide TALCO and its new enterprise with main raw materials, in particular, with domestic alumina for many hundreds of years.

In these circumstances there is an urgent need to transit TALCO, the leading export company of the country to local resources. The management of the aluminum company has submitted its proposals and innovative ideas aimed at reforming the aluminum sector to the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan and obtained a direct support at the highest level.

In order to develop and implement the innovative proposals and attract foreign investors, TALCO management together with its subsidiaries, OJSC "Somone Capital", domestic and foreign companies-partners and investors created a joint working group (JWG TALCO) in 2008. International experts involved by the group elaborated several innovative programs and target (pilot) investment projects. An ambitious goal of these projects was to provide SUE TALCO with necessary local raw materials and components and export surplus materials. JWG TALCO prepared packages of pre-investment documents for each project (investment proposals, presentations with calculations and etc.) and after discussing with partners, put them to many foreign investors. TALCO leadership and JSC "Somone Capital" held talks and meetings with interested parties, and have signed memoranda of understanding and investment cooperation and agreements providing counseling service while developing and promoting the projects with some major investors from China, USA, Russia, India, Canada and Europe and started their practical implementation.

I.        The target investment project «Transition of TALCO to local raw materials» (Talcoresource) was elaborated in 2008. Presentation of the project was held in Javan with participation of the President of the Republic of Tajikistan, heads of the Ministries of the republic, the diplomatic corps, accredited in Tajikistan, representatives of international organizations and financial institutions.

The project accepted for implementation provides the extraction, produce processing and production of necessary resources for TALCO on the basis of local raw materials. It includes several subprojects, which stipulate: 

  • extraction of nepheline syenite – 6-6,5 mln. tons/per year ;
  • alumina production – 1,0 mln. tons;
  • extraction and fluorite processing (97-98%) – 45,0 thousand tons/per year;
  • cryolite production – 12,0 thousand tons/per year;
  • fluoric aluminum production – 18,0 thousand tons/per year;
  • carbonic-graphitic cathodic block production – 10,0 thousand tons/pe year;
  • sulfuric acid production (98%) – 100,0 thousand tons/per year.

Presently the construction of cryolite and fluoric aluminum plant has almost finished.

II.        The target investment project «The construction of Alumina complex in the Republic of Tajikistan» on the basis of several ore deposits. Preliminary expected reserves of ore are several tens of billions of tons. Moreover, there are other associated products there. On a commission from TALCO management,  JWG TALCO jointly with Pamir prospecting expedition and Industry research institute (the Ministry of energy and industry of RT) have conducted a laboratory-technological study to obtain auxiliary alumina from concentrate staurolite at Kurgovad deposit.

The essence of the two foregoing projects is that separate TALCO departments (operating by this time and new-created subsidiaries) extract nepheline syenites, muscovite, staurolite, coal and limestone and after lixiviating dispatch those to aluminous, chemical-recovery and cement factories from which alumina and coke are delivered to TALCO for the needs of aluminum production.

At present JWG TALCO together with domestic and foreign partners (investors) are studying advanced industrial technologies of extraction of alumina from nepheline, muscovite and staurolite (so-called non-traditional) ores. The management of the company is firmly convinced that implementation of the projects and adoption of new technology will become know-how of Tajik business elite and have a deep influence on development of TALCO and the whole aluminum sector of the country, bringing them up to the highest worlds standards.

From 2010 to 2013 there were conducted consultations, negotiations and meetings concerning about the investment decisions, organizational and financial forms of implementation of the projects. At that time there were signed documents with big foreign companies, foreign financial and state structures («Standard & Poor’s» (USA), «Moody’s Investors’ Service» (USA) и «Fitch Investors LTD», «Hatch Consulting» (Canada), «CHALCO» (China), «Chalieco» (China), «China National Heavy Machinery Corporation» (China), «TCC Service LLC» (China) и «China  Tianshen  Engineering Corporation» (China), «Khoday Group of  Industries» (China), ВЭБ (Russia), Минэкономразвития (Russia) and others.

III.        The pilot project: «The creation of a new energy-metallurgical company» (The development of TALCO). Usinga mechanism of state-private partnership, the investment project provides to reconstruct the 6th series (11th and 12th buildings) of TALCO electrolytic tank and ensure a continuous generation of own electric power at the expense of the construction of  Shurobad power station on Vaksh with annual capacity 862,5 MW. In 2011 TALCO improved the feasibility study to upgrade the 6th series of electrolysis and invest in it.

The adoption of new high technologies of aluminum production, the construction of a power station and generation of electric power provide:

  • extra production of aluminum by means of the 6th series up to  220 thousands of tons per year, that is almost 50% from established capacity of ten other series of TALCO;
  • own and autonomous generation of power in volume of 3,1 billion kW per year, fully releasing the power of Nurek power station for the needs of population and other manufactures of the republic.

Competitive advantages of the investment project are:

  • extra production growth;
  • own power generation;
  • low production costs;
  • energy self-sufficiency of TALCO and all its departments;
  • foreign and domestic investments – as a contribution to the national economy;
  • the development of energy and metallurgical national branches;
  • social-economic programs in the areas where the project is implemented.

These projects were discussed with many Western and Asian investors. A special interest to the TALCO strategic projects is shown by China. Memoranda, agreements and contracts with the biggest Chinese companies («China Aluminum International Engineering Corporation», «China National Heavy Machinery Corporation», «TCC Service LLC» и «China  Tianshen  Engineering Corporation») resulted from several meetings and negotiations conducted by TALCO for the past 2-3 years

IV.        The investment project: «The creation of a Technology Park in the Republic of Tajikistan».  The mail project consisting of 9 subprojects (TALCO objects) could bring the national aluminum sector up to standard and ensure a steady development of the national economy. According to the resolution of the government of the Republic of Tajikistan № 404  from  August 7, 2012  the Technology Park of SUE TALCO was included in a list of particularly significant objects of the Republic of Tajikistan with the following construction projects:

  1. Cement plant with annual capacity of 3,0 million tons in Shaartuse region of Hatlon (This construction object was called «TALCO cement»);
  2. Glass work;
  3. Fireproof product plant;
  4. Gypsum product plant;
  5. Construction materials plant. 

In the judgment of analysts and TALCO management, the implementation of all the projects will be a fundamental component for the first aluminum  cluster – a group of similar  and  interrelated economic objects (companies), the network structure of which in the framework of state-private  partnership could enter representatives of state authority (a leading role in mobilization of potential participants of the cluster) and business-society joined around a competitive activity of TALCO and its departments (subsidiaries).  At present the Technology industrial Park («Technopark») could become a backbone of the national aluminum cluster.