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Joint Stock Company

Consumer goods

The structure of the company includes Consume Goods and Construction Department that is engaged in producing aluminum profiles, aluminum goods and building materials. Our products are certified and meet international quality standards.

The main productive activity:

  • design of structure, product and gear;
  • production of pressed profiles based on aluminum and its alloys, brands ADO A6063 GOST 22233-03;
  • assembly of window and door frames, stained-glass windows, sales counters and shop windows, facade structures on the basis of pressed profiles according to customer sketches;
  • production of cans, cauldrons, dumplings cauldrons, boilers, samovars, household utensils on the basis of sheet aluminum and its alloys. 
Technical preparation of production includes product and tooling design that is performed by using CAD. Then the technology of manufacturing, assembly and installation is worked out.
The section manufacturing press tools (matrices) has all the necessary equipment to make over 2,000 sets per year. 
Thee is technological equipment to extrude profiles of aluminum and aluminum alloys.
There is an automatic Italian line («KOFI») at the section for thermal treatment of pressing tool.
The automatic line to extrude profiles made from Italian company «BREDA» consists of two hydraulic presses with capacity of 2,200 tons and 1,600 tons, pressing, hardening, straightening and cutting sections. The annual output of the line is 10 thousand tons of nonunifom profiles.
The profiles hooked to an automatic crane-girder before anodizing.
The electroplating section includes a computer line consisting of 18 baths produced by the company «Alu K". Its capacity is 5,000 tons of anodized profiles with coating thickness of 5-20 microns per year. Profiles are colored here in gold, bronze and various tints of silver.
At the request of customers, the profiles can be painted with powder or polyester paints. The company has a corresponding technological equipment of the Italian company «TRAVIZAN» with production capacity of 5000 tons of painted profile per year.

Characteristics of the products

The company releases over 400 names of extruded nonunifom profiles of aluminum alloys of the following grades: AD0, A6060, A6063, GOST 22233-03. The maximum size is 170x170x6500 mm. and the minimum wall thickness is up to 0.9 mm. All the profiles have protective-decorative anodized or polyester painted covering.

Aluminum constructions made of extruded profiles

Rubber sealants, plastic parts and other accessories necessary to assemble the structures are produced by Italian equipment.
Assembly of window and door blocks (sliding, swing), stained-glass windows, facade structures, commercial kiosks, shop-windows and counters are also implemented by means of Italian technological production line.
The sliding windows and doors are noise and dust-protective, wind-resisting and have a high airtightness. 

Advantage of our trading windows and counters is beauty, lightness, durability

Use of aluminum structures in building facades of Trading House Sadbarg and Vnesheconombank 

The newsstand assembled of aluminum painted profiles is notable for attractiveness, lightness and durability.

The trade stand with useful space of ​​6 m2  is mobile, easy assembled, attractive and durable.
Aluminum structures with double-glazing units have highair and water resistance.
Aluminum structures and extrusions are widely used in interior design and create a qualitative, modern and beautiful space.
The aluminum constructions are assembled according to the technology of the Italian company «Alu K». All kinds of the products subject to selling are tested by independent accredited laboratories and receive conformance certificates.

The consumer goods made of aluminum and aluminum alloys sheets

We produce more than 30 kinds of consumer goods: cans, cauldrons, boilers, samovars, spoons, bowls, cups, trays, pots and many others.

Aluminum cans production is equipped with all necessary gears to manufacture 50,000 units per year.

Products of foundry sections are cast cauldrons made of aluminum alloy with capacity from 1 to 125 liters.

Annual output is 20 thousand pieces.

The assortment of household utensils made ​​of aluminum sheet has over 25-items.
Dumplings-cauldrons are used in the national cuisine to prepare steam dishes (dumplings, pies, rolls). The production plan is 40 thousand units a year. The tin ware is convenient in use because includes a great number of grids for cooking. One can use the right amount for a certain number of people.
Our experimental section produces electric and flame samovars that is used to provide a large number of people with boiled water.