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Joint Stock Company


Since 2004, the Tajik aluminum plant replaced old barter system with a new economic management, where the raw material made on commission are processed and exported under customs control (tolling).

The logistic system designed according to the needs of the Tajik aluminum plant allows TALCO to transport raw materials and finished products effectively and safely.

Talco Management Ltd., a tolling company-partner supplies the Tajik aluminum plant with basic raw materials (alumina, the raw and calcined coke, coal pitch, aluminum fluoride and cryolite) necessary to produce primary aluminum. The raw materials are purchased and transported from countries near and far abroad, such as Kazakhstan, Russia, Turkmenistan, China, India, Jamaica and others.

An important role in the supply chain of the company belongs to rail transport by which the raw materials are delivered to the Tajik aluminum plant, and its product backwards to ports to be transported by sea. Now the company is implementing several projects to optimize the rail transport schemes, reduce the logistics risks, freight charges and shorten the delivery time of raw materials and finished products. Since 2012 alternatively to rail freightage TALCO has used road haulage to dispatch its finished goods. Trucks bring finished products to ports for further exporting.

The sea shipping is carried out through ports in Georgia and Ukraine. Afterwards the company is planning to construct its own terminals in ports.

Finished products are solely sold through international metal exchanges on the basis of FOB points.