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Joint Stock Company

Ecological strategy

At launch of Tajik aluminum plant in 1975, the aluminum production technology was considered as the most progressive and environmental friendly, provided all the norms of technological cycle are followed up. However, time zips along and technologies change towards minimum environmental affecting.

Understanding the need in technological modernization of the smelter not only from the viewpoint of production safety, its energy consumption and environmental protection, but also from the plant’s competitiveness on the global aluminum market, for the time of its existence SUE “TALCO” has allocated a great amount of currency for these purposes. Today SUE TALCO is one of few enterprises in the country that invests own funds into environmental protection.

The environmental protection system of SUE TALCO has already been formed structurally and functionally. The management system is developed in conformity with requirements of national and international standards and is based on the environmental legislation of the Republic of Tajikistan.

Our ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY aims at environmental protection, rational use of resources, safety and health of employees & population living in the region of company’s location and bordering territories, and includes commitments to improve the environmental quality, prevent its pollution and meet the requirements of environmental protection legislation.

POSITION of our company:

We fully share responsibility for settlement of regional and global environmental issues and tend to implement most effective and up-to-date initiatives for their solutions.

Company’s environmental protection activity is an integral business part and also it is its contribution to the State environmental program of the Republic of Tajikistan for 2009-2015 and other national and international legislative acts and regulations.

Our GOAL is continuous improvement of environmental indicators considering practical possibilities of the company and socio-economic factors.


In decision-taking processes the company is inspired by the following principles:

  • to identify and assess environmental risks, set targets and develop action plans for management of environmental risks;
  • to meet requirements of the national environmental legislation and international agreements, where the Republic of Tajikistan is a member country, as well as to meet voluntary assumed commitments in field of environmental protection;
  • to apply the best available technologies and methods for pollution prevention, minimization of environmental risks and other negative impacts;
  • to educate company’s employees to environmental requirements applicable to their activity for better understanding of their possibilities, responsibilities, and the consequences if these requirements are breached;
  • to consider opinions and interests of stakeholders, to set environmental requirements for our suppliers and contractors and provide support in fulfillment of those requirements;
  • to set, measure and evaluate environmental performance indicators, as well as to check compliance with national environmental legislation, international agreements where the Republic of Tajikistan is a member country, and voluntary assumed commitments in field of environmental protection;
  • to demonstrate openly plans and results of our environmental activity, including public reporting of the company.


  • Reduction of air polluting emissions;
  • Safe storage of waste and increase their recycling and re-use;

Improvement of corporate management system in environmental issues