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Joint Stock Company

Sustainable development

Being the largest industrial company in Tajikistan, SUE «Tajik Aluminum Company» (hereinafter TALCO) is seeking to achieve not only high industrial and financial indicators, but also contribute to the country’s development and prosperity, to the improvement of living conditions of its employees and people of the region where the company is present and all citizens of the Republic of Tajikistan. 

TALCO administration is sure that the balanced and effective social policy reduces business risks, strengthens the company’s competitiveness, improves the staff efficiency, provides a high loyalty of partners and consumers, and that is most important, increases the business reputation. 

TALCO is responsibly conscious that actions of the company impact the country’s industry, environment, the well-being of employees and local residents. 

Such a position of the company with respect to labor organization, environmental and industrial safety, as well as support of local communities in the region of its activity is an integral part of its corporate strategy aimed at creating a whole set of conditions for sustainable development of the company in a long term. 

By the results of 2012, TALCO became a winner of republican contest «Business Elite of Tajikistan» in the category of «Social Responsibility».