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Joint Stock Company

ISO 14001:2004

Environment protection is a global challenge of the world economy that has an influence on the future of all mankind. That is why the standard ISO-14001: 2004 «Environmental Management System» today serves as the main international instrument for environmental control of production processes and market relations. TALCO fully sharing the responsibility for solving global and regional environmental tasks seeks to realize the most modern approaches to their solution, especially considering its environmental protection activity as an integral part of business and its contribution to the implementation of the National Environmental Program of Tajikistan for 2009-2019 and other national and international laws and regulations.

In 2010 as part of the company's environmental strategy, a major component of which is the improvement of corporate management system, TALCO began to implement the international Integrated Management System ISO-14000, and in July 2013 an international audit was completed by confirmation that the ecological security system of the Tajik aluminum plant meets the international standard. The audit was performed by world-renowned German organization TÜV SAAR CERT that enjoys great confidence in the world standardization. Its international audit team was represented by experts from France, Lithuania and Kazakhstan.

Talco is the first industrial enterprise in Tajikistan that received the conformance certificate to the international integrated environmental management system ISO-14000.

As the benefits that may be obtained by the company after coming to the international standards in environmental protection are improved marketing, stable production, increased competitiveness of the company, a favorable environmental image, reduced internal costs and the probability of combining environmental protection costs with economic benefits including possible tax benefits from the government and environmental services, and others.

The use of the ISO-14000 ensures TALCO management, its staff and external stakeholders that environmental impact is measured and improved, as it orients all without exception industrial, commercial and operational processes on the fundamental principles of environmental safety.