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Research Institute of Metallurgy

State Enterprise «Research Institute of Metallurgy» (SE “RIM”) of SUE TALCO was founded in accordance with the Decree of the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan № 613 from 31.10.2009, 

The institute is headed by Haidar Safiev, Corresponding Member of the Academy of Sciences of Tajikistan, Dr. of Chemistry, Professor, Laureate of State Prize of the Republic of Tajikistan named after A. Sinо in science and technology.

The main authorized goals and objectives of the State Institution «Research Institute of Metallurgy» are to research and develop innovative technologies to transit TALCO to local raw materials, reduce the negative impact of its industrial waste on the environment, improve technological processes and cell designs of the aluminum production.

In the future, the Institute will also focus on the solution of similar problems of other chemical and metallurgical enterprises of the country.

The structure of the Research Institute of Metallurgy was formed and approved by TALCO management based on the tasks set before the Institute and future prospects.

The management structure of State Enterprise «Research Institute of Metallurgy under SUE TALCO

The management structure includes two main activities of the Institute:

  1. Researches and developments of innovative technologies for complex processing of local alumina, carbonaceous raw materials and industrial wastes of aluminum production.
  2. Pilot industrial tests and introduction of innovative technologies by means of establishing an industrial park and experimental production areas on industrial base of TALCO.

Separate structural units of the Institute operate directly on the Tajik aluminum plant in the building of the Central Plant Laboratory. The institute is also in charge of TALCO experimental shop.

Work Plan of the Institute for 2010-2015 includes the following tasks:

  1. To study volume, composition and properties of local alumina and carbonaceous raw materials: nepheline syenites of «Turpi» deposit, staurolite-muscovite ores of «Kurgovat» deposit, coal and kaolin clay of «Ziddi» and «Yagnob» deposits, anthracite mine of «Nazar Aylok» in order to receive alumina, refractory materials and electrode products (anode, cathode and airborne units).
  2. To develop innovative technologies to for utilization of industrial waste of the Tajik aluminum plant, extract valuable raw components from them and return them to the production in order to improve the environmental state of the enterprise and the region.
  3. To improve the technologies of aluminum production and baked anodes and engineering structure of electrolytic tanks.
  4. To organize a technology park and experimental sites to test the developed technologies and issue the products necessary for TALCO.
  5. To develop scientific and industrial relations with the foreign and domestic institutions involved in metallurgical, chemical, mining industries, science and education.
  6. To prepare highly qualified scientists and experts for various branches of science and industry.

Despite a relatively short period of operation, staff of the Institute has made significant progress in solving the problems. This is mainly due to the fact that most of the scientists are engaged in these issues more than 20-30 years and have deep knowledge and extensive experience in processing of raw materials and industrial waste, in conducting exploration works and developing local mineral resources.