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Joint Stock Company

Social responsibility

The Tajik aluminum plant is the enterprise forming a company town with the regional center in Tursunzoda. Roads, hospitals, kindergartens and summer camps were built there due to the plant. The enterprise has a unique social net with the best social and cultural objects of the country including recreation centers, health care and child care establishments. The plant built and continues to build housing for their employees.

The enterprise employs the majority of working population of Tursunzoda district, that exerts a considerable influence on employment, infrastructure, economic and social situation of the city and surrounding districts. Virtually all social sectors of Tursunzoda operate with financial and logistical support of TALCO.

The company's management is fully aware that successful business is impossible without a favorable internal and external socio-economic environment. By investing in the region of company's presence and other regions of the country, TALCO invests in economic, social, physical and spiritual growth of people.

Over the years, the company's social activity has undergone a serious evolution that results in implementation of development and partnership programs aimed at investing in construction of industrial and social facilities. Moreover, high-quality working environment and recreation, health care of the company’s employees and their families, maintenance and financing of TALCO infrastructure and social-cultural objects in the region of the company presence and country as a whole are the fundamental factors for the company.

TALCO develops perspective partner cooperation with regional and national administrations allowing it to create an effective social management system busy with initiation, planning and budgeting social projects. The relationship is based on partnership and mutual respect consolidated by TALCO Code of Ethics and general interest associated with socio-economic development and prosperity of the Republic of Tajikistan.

On the basis of the dialogue and studying  the development priorities of the region, where TALCO presences and the whole republic, the company classified its social activity by the following way:

  • development of local social infrastructure;
  • medical programs for employees and the local population;
  • support for national social projects;
  • construction and renovation of educational institutions;
  • construction of sports stadiums and event organization;
  • development of mass sports in the yard areas;
  • and others.

The following objects constructed and invested by the company may be called most important events of its corporate social responsibility. They received a «free pass» in 2011 - the year of the 20th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Tajikistan:

  • construction of a children's health center in Tursunzoda located in the park «Somoni» with a swimming pool, soccer field, tennis court, computer center and a variety of attractions.
  • construction of a school for 640 pupils in the village Pakhtaabad.
  • capital construction of the main entrance and a dormitory unit in the elder house «Batosh» in Tursunzoda city.
  • restoration of the former building of «Tajiktekstilmash» allocated for a branch of the Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys.
  • installation of 20 playgrounds in Shohmansur, Firdausi, Ismail Somoni and Sino areas of Dushanbe that were commissioned by the Independence Day of the Republic of Tajikistan.
  • to increase self-consciousness and self-identity of the people of Tajikistan, TALCO initiated several projects aimed at promoting the country and its state symbols. In 2011, the company financed the production and screening on Euronews channel an infomercial about our country and erected the world's tallest flagpole of the National Flag of the Republic of Tajikistan165 meters in height.

That is not a complete list of the social projects implemented by the Tajik Aluminum Company in the year of jubilee.

Among the most important task of TALCO is the support of governmental programs aimed at socio-economic development of the country regions. In this regard it may be noted the construction and commissioning of two brick factories: in the town of Dangara with design capacity of 15 million units of building bricks per year (in March 2010) and in Rudaki district with a capacity of 20 million pieces per year (in August 2011). Over 350 additional jobs were created at the objects.

In the recent years, TALCO management have proposed new business ideas, where the company clearly focuses on the introduction of innovation technologies, creation of high-tech industries and self-sufficiency of aluminum production with basic components.

Currently TALCO is implementing two major projects.

The first almost completed project includes a program on utilization of production capacities of the Republic of Tajikistan. Its main aim is to involve domestic industrial potential into the aluminum production. Today, more than 60% of all equipment and spare parts necessary for the aluminum production are manufactured by domestic enterprises. Already at this stage of the program TALCO significantly cut down its expenses, increased the productivity and profitability and created more than 4 thousands of new jobs. In its turn, the financial support rendering by TALCO to the Tajik enterprises have a positive influence on the development of the whole national industry.

The other side of active actions of the Tajik Aluminum Company is increasing volume of aluminum output that  also broadens the horizons of mutually beneficial cooperation with more than thirty domestic enterprises, including «Regarkabel», «Doro ohangar», «Tadzhikenergosnab», «Shohon» and others. The company also creates own industrial facilities that use products of the Tajik aluminum plant. Among them one can see TALCO CABLE plant meeting all modern requirements. The plant started its operation in Dushanbe in August of 2011 and gave 200 working places to the citizens of the republic.

The second project involves the program on transition of TALCO to local raw materials, the commissioning of which will be held through the creation of new business-structures such as: Energy and Metallurgical Company, Tajik Chemical and Metallurgical Corporation (TCMC) and a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV). By implementing the project, the Tajik aluminum plant will be provided by local alumina, aluminum fluoride, cryolite, graphite products, equipment and spare parts approximately by 60%. In the framework of the transition program it is expected to launch existing objects and construct about twenty new industrial facilities that will provide the republic with 16,000 extra jobs.

In addition to the achievement of competitive advantages that the company intends to receive as a result of implementation of the investment projects, such as increase in product at the existing aluminum capacities; own power generation and, therefore, energy independence and security of all TALCO divisions; cutting of production costs, TALCO will be able to make a significant contribution to the development of energy, metallurgy, chemical and mining industries of the country, as well as in the solution of socio-economic problems in the regions of these projects.