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Joint Stock Company

Upgrading programs

TALCO is taking all possible measures and strategic decisions to restore its production capacities, reduce the costs, optimize the production and to maintain competitiveness.

One of the most important measures is the Action Plan allowing TALCO to improve the energy effectiveness of its major equipment and production lines.

In 2012 on the instructions of the World Bank, an audit team headed by the Norwegian company Norsk Energi and involved experts of SINTEF Materials and Chemistry, ESCO Energoengineering, Tadzhgidro and TALCO assessed energy efficiency of all major equipment and production lines of the Tajik Aluminum Company (you can find the WB report on web-sites).

It should be noted that for the past 3 years TALCO experts, by order of their management, independently carried out a state assessment of production equipment. Having a direct interest in getting objective results of the energy audit, they were actively involved in that process and provided auditors with a set of proposals accumulated over that time. Their actions allowed international experts to identify energy efficiency priorities rapidly and develop an action plan.

The main production equipment of TALCO was commissioned in 1975 and at that time it was the most advanced equipment in the USSR. The audit showed that currently the technology resources have been fully exhausted.

Realizing the necessity of technological upgrading, both for production safety, energy saving, environmental compatibility, and competitiveness of the company in the global aluminum market, TALCO directed over $ 464.1 million TJS for this purpose for the past 5 years. However, the lack of foreign investments and own financial resources did not allow the company to complete the modernization of mainline. At the same time foreign competitors are increasingly using modern automatic systems with new energy-saving technologies.

The Action Plan worked out after completing the energy audit set out the specific measures to improve the energy efficiency of the aluminum plant. But taking into account the current situation of the company in the context of the ongoing global financial crisis, the measures can only be realized under the financial support of the state and foreign investors.

According to the most conservative estimates the implementation of the Action Plan requires $ 88.3 million investments and together with transport costs this amount will be $ 101 million. As a result, every year the Tajik aluminum plant will save 1 billion 155, 2 million kW / h. In particular, the annual power consumption is reduced by:

  • electrolysis production by 955 million. KW / h.
  • anodes production by 3.2 million. KW / h.
  • engineering services by 197 million. KW / h.

Now, when Tajikistan is experiencing an acute shortage of electricity in winter and constructions of new energy generating facilities have been blocked, it is no need to argue the importance of the technological modernization of TALCO, which could improve the energy efficiency of the aluminum company and provide the industrial, social and residential sectors of the country with power during the energy shortage.

A corresponding document was sent to the country's leadership. The company is pleased to note that the Action Plan on improving energy efficiency of major equipment and production lines of TALCO has found full understanding and support of the government of the Republic of Tajikistan.