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Aluminum producers

The main natural raw materials for aluminum production are bauxite.

To produce a ton of aluminum it is necessary to have approximately 1930 kg of alumina, 50 kg of fluorides, 550 kg carbon electrodes (anode mass or baked anodes) and up to 15-16 MW / h. of electric power.

Conditions for the development of the industry are:

  • the availability of cheap energy;
  • access to bauxite ores.

The main exporters of primary aluminum are Russia, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Norway, UAE, Ghana, Iceland, and importers are the United States, Germany, Britain, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Japan, South Korea, the island of Taiwan. The top ten consumers of aluminum are some western countries, Russia, China and Taiwan.

The geography of secondary aluminum production is quite different. Although recyclable aluminum is currently smelted by 50 countries around the world, 95% of it is produced by economically developed countries, firstly by the United States, Japan, Germany, Italy and France. At the same time they are the main importers of aluminum waste. It should also be taken into account that the main role in the development and deployment of the global aluminum industry plays vertically integrated corporations that own the entire production chain from aluminum ore output to manufacture of finished product.

Today aluminum market is second only to steel market and the demand for a «winged» metal is constantly increasing. On the one hand, China's economy is now developing at a staggering pace and has already consumed almost half of the world aluminum. On the other hand, high prices for substitute metals such as copper and zinc cause a keen demand for aluminum in power, transport and construction industrial sectors.

Leading advantage in the world aluminum market has those companies that can fully meet the production cycle from extraction of raw materials to the production of alumina and aluminum recovery, and make it cost-effective.

The main aluminum producers in the world

Primary aluminum production over the continents

Ten largest aluminum producers:

World aluminum producers (thousand tons)

The data of 2013 according to the companies’ reports