In accordance with the state economic strategy and industrial policy of the Republic of Tajikistan, aimed at replacing imports of industrial goods that are in demand on the domestic market with goods of national production (import substitution), TALCO has developed a strategy for the development of the domestic aluminum industry (Targeted investment projects) by transferring the company to raw materials and has already begun to concretely implement its innovative solutions.

In recent years, the Tajik Aluminum Company has built and commissioned new production facilities, both within the framework of programs for the creation of enterprises operating on domestic raw materials and for import substitution. TALCO today is widely represented in such sectors of the Tajik economy as the mining and chemical industries. The goal of the company is also the development of a new direction in the economy of Tajikistan - energy and metallurgy.


  • TALCO Resources (mining industry): in June 2012, the TALCO Resource Limited Liability Company was established, the main task of which is the extraction of minerals and the provision of industrial enterprises of the country, including aluminum, with local coal. The design capacity of TALCO Resource is 400 thousand tons of coal per year (depending on the market demand for coal, this company can increase production several times).

In March 2013, a Resolution of the Government of the country was adopted on the allocation of a company for the development of high-quality coal from two sites "Jijikrut" and "Conte" at the "Fon Yagnob" deposit in the Ayni district of the Sughd region of the Republic of Tajikistan.


  • TALCO Chemical (chemical industry): in September 2016, the construction of three large industrial facilities was completed: plants for the production of cryolite (capacity - 12.0 thousand tons / year), aluminum fluoride (18.0 thousand tons / year) and sulfuric acid (130.0 thousand tons / year) on the territory of the Yovon region. Since 2017, the TALCO Chemical company began to supply its products to the Tajik aluminum enterprise and export it to Russia, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan.

In TALCO Chemical, industrial production of a coagulant for water purification was established using the technology developed by the TALCO Research Institute of Metallurgy. The produced domestic products are not inferior in their properties and coagulating ability to imported coagulants. Its main consumer is the State Unitary Enterprise "Obu Korez" in Dushanbe.


  • TALCO Fluorite (mining industry): within the framework of ensuring the safety of raw materials for the plants for the production of cryolite and aluminum fluoride, the company, on the basis of the Takob mining plant, is mining ore and processing it at the concentrator plant to obtain flotation fluorite (97-98%). If in Soviet times this mining and processing plant produced no more than 3.2 thousand ore per year, now more than 30 thousand tons.

In 2020, another mining and processing plant was commissioned at the Kaznok deposit in the Ayni region, for which the purchase, delivery and installation of new equipment was carried out. The enrichment of ore will be 150 thousand tons per year, the yield of fluorite concentrate (97%) - 40 thousand tons per year.


  • TALCO Gold (mining industry) была создана was established in April 2017 for the implementation of an investment project - the development of the Konchoch group of fields. The aim of the project is to create industrial capacities in Central Tajikistan on the basis of explored ore reserves, united into a single production complex: сconstruction of mines (wells), flat chambers, inclined wells, inclined routes and the use of other methods of exploration of mineral deposits; сconstruction of an enrichment plant with the commissioning of separate production lines for enrichment of gold and antimony; construction and commissioning of a metallurgical plant for the extraction (refining) of metals: gold, antimony, silver, mercury, etc.