Since 2004, at the Tajik aluminum enterprise, the system of barter transactions has been replaced by a transition to cooperation with partners on new economic conditions: processing of customer-supplied raw materials with subsequent export of the processed product for export under customs control (tolling operations).

The TALCO logistics system was developed taking into account the needs of the aluminum enterprise and uses alternative routes that allow ensuring delivery times, high efficiency, reliability and safety of transportation of raw materials and finished products.

Tolling partner - Talco Management Ltd. - on the basis of the agreement, supplies to TALCO of the main technological raw materials (alumina, raw and calcined coke, coal tar pitch, aluminum fluoride and cryolite) required for the production of primary aluminum. Since the beginning of the company's activity, on the basis of tolling operations, the transportation of raw materials has been carried out from the countries of near and far abroad, such as Brazil, Jamaica, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Russia, Latvia, China, etc. As the demand of the enterprise grows, it is planned to expand the logistics routes in the future.

In addition to the transportation of raw materials, TALCO is engaged in the sale of aluminum products, the transportation of which is carried out through such large ports as: Poti (Georgia), Kuryk (Kazakhstan), Gebze, Mersin (Turkey), Novorossiysk, Temryuk (Russian Federation), Karachi (Pakistan), Alat (Azerbaijan) and others, through multimodal, sea, rail and road transport.

Transportation of TALCO goods by rail is an important component in the logistics chain, since the company has exclusive preferences in the form of discounts from railway administrations - participants in the transportation. The company is implementing a number of projects to optimize rail transport and diversify transport schemes in order to reduce transport costs, find alternative routes and reduce the delivery time for raw materials and finished products.

In order to diversify routes, since 2012, the company has actively begun to use road transport for transportation. This trend made it possible to reduce logistics risks, shorten delivery times and provide significant financial savings.

At the moment, a new type of transportation of primary aluminum is being developed - containerized, which will allow the delivery of finished TALCO products from manufacturer to consumer by rail, in particular, it is planned to carry out shipment from Regar station (TR) to Istanbul, where the total length of the track will be more than 4 thousand kilometers.

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