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About us

«Tajik Aluminium Plant – business card of

the industry of Tajikistan»


Emomali Rahmon



These words of the Founder of Peace and National Unity - the Leader of the Nation, the President of the Republic of Tajikistan, respected Emomali Rahmon, said at a meeting with the workers of the Tajik aluminum plant on April 5, 2000, most accurately reflect the importance of the industrial giant on the scale of the state.

The Tajik Aluminum Smelter, one of the most powerful industrial enterprises in the country, in the course of its progressive development in July 2007 received a new production status that met the requirements of modernity - the State Unitary Enterprise "Tajik Aluminum Company" (TALCO), and on November1, 2019, it was transformed into the Open Joint Stock Company (OJSC) "Tajik Aluminum Company" with 100% of shares owned by the state.

TALCO is our heritage, which to this day continues to be an efficiently operating enterprise in the country.

TALCO is the largest industrial enterprise in the republic, and aluminum is the country's main export commodity.

TALCO is the first Tajik brand of world standard, whose products are exported to many countries of the world: Turkey, Uzbekistan, Japan, China, Western Europe, USA and others..

Today TALCO, continuing to confirm its reputation as one of the most dynamically developing companies in Tajikistan, built on modern management and an international financial reporting system, has actually become the personification of economic reforms in Tajikistan.

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Top Management

Najibullo RAJABZODA - Chairman of the Board of Directors

Pavel Ivanovich DYCK - Director of Economics and Personnel

Shokirjon Muzafarovich NAZIROV - Acting Director of Electrolysis Production

Shuhrat Juraboevich SHARIPOV - General Director

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